AquaFresh White and Shine Toothpaste Review

Aqua Fresh White and Shine ToothpasteIf you are searching for a way you can whiten your teeth without the hassles of strips and trays, then you should probably consider trying Aqua Fresh White and Shine Toothpaste. This gel not only makes your teeth whiter, but also makes them shiny too.

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The brand Aqua Fresh has been in existence for the longest period one can remember – since 1973. Not just that; Aqua fresh has also been popular among American and other users from other parts of the world.

Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, most of their products come with double or triple action. The Aqua Fresh White and Shine follows same tradition, where it whitens and polishes the teeth..

Features and Specifications

The toothpaste features micro buffing particles that give your teeth the white and bright look. This in turn makes your smile clearer, brighter and more attractive.

The main ingredient is the 0.15 percent sodium, which helps in deeper cleaning and the control of the whitening process. This works hand in hand with the buffing particles to do away with the imperfections, hence a smooth finish.

Unlike other products, and the messy trays and strips, this Aqua Fresh gel shows positive results after some time. It doesn’t require any special scheduling or something like that.

It uses the mechanism whereby it holds solutions of carbamide and hydrogen peroxides with the teeth to whiten and polish them. And although it doesn’t offer a general oral protection, the Aqua Fresh White and Shine is great when it comes to brighter smiles.

The Aqua Fresh White & Shine comes with inactive ingredients like Glycerin, Carbomer, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Potassium Phosphate. All these ingredients contribute in making the gel toothpaste gentle on the gums.

The same ingredients have the aptitude of going further into cleaning spots that are hard to reach. Not forgetting to mention that they are also safe and 100 percent healthy, thus allows consumers to make a daily use of it.

 The Good

The toothpaste is durable and long-lasting. This makes the Aqua Fresh White and Shine something worth buying since you can get a few tubes and use them for the longest period you can imagine. Furthermore, the paste can clean up unreachable spots.

You don’t have to use other customary toothpaste since it doesn’t engrave or cut into your enamel – like other whitening brands. Aqua Fresh is safe too, with the safe ingredients making up the whole product.

Absence of tooth sensitivity is the other advantageous aspect with this particular whitening toothpaste. Finally, Aqua Fresh White and Shine wouldn’t be a great toothpaste without the mention of fresh, crispy trait it has on your breath.

 The Bad

Not easy to use since the tube has a large cap where you have to screw and unscrew every time you use it. The tube would be better if it had a flip-to-open closing.

Doesn’t provide a quick solution like other whitening products. But at least, you’ll get see some effects after some time.


In general, if you are looking to have a great smile, then the Aqua Fresh White and Shine has the capability to satisfy your needs. And within no time, you’ll be receiving compliments like, “how do you get your teeth so white?”

Therefore, if you are looking for a teeth-whitening product that actually works, then you have no reason to search any further. You never know, this could be exactly what your family needs.

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